This is the web page for the GAPF Repo.

Packages available can be found here:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Fedora 26
Fedora 27

To install the repo, just do:

1. If using RHEL6 or RHEL7 (or one of their derivatives like CentOS or Scientific Linux) install EPEL:
If using Fedora, install RPMFusion repo:

2. Import the GAPF repo GPG key:

# wget
# rpm --import ./RPM-GPG-KEY-gapf

3. Install the RPM with the repo information:

RHEL 6 and derivatives (i686 or x86_64):
# yum localinstall

RHEL 7 and derivatives (x86_64 only):
# yum localinstall

Fedora 26 (x86_64):
# dnf install

Fedora 27 (x86_64):
# dnf install

We can be contacted at: gapf2010 at gmail dot com