advancemenu - Emulator frontend with sound and animated previews of your games.

License: GPL
AdvanceMENU is a frontend for AdvanceMAME, MAME™, MESS, RAINE and any other

It runs in Linux, Mac OS X, DOS, Windows and in all the other platforms
supported by the SDL library.

The main features are :

    Simply download and run. Copy the executable and run it!
    Automatic update of the rom information.
    Vertical and horizontal monitor orientation.
    Support for any PC monitor and specialty TV/Arcade monitors.
    Static and animated image previews (PNG/PCX/ICO/MNG). Up to 192 clips at the
    same time!
    Audio preview. (MP3/WAV). You can select a special sound for every game
    played when the cursor move on it.
    Audio backgrounds (MP3/WAV). Play your favourite songs or radio records in
    Sound effects (MP3/WAV) for key press, program start, game start, program
    Support for zipped images and sounds archives.
    Screensaver mode displaying a slide show of the game images.
    Selectable background and help images with translucency.


advancemenu-2.6-1.el6.gapf.x86_64 [745 KiB] Changelog by German Pulido (2013-09-29):
- Initial release
advancemenu-2.6-1.el6.gapf.i686 [717 KiB] Changelog by German Pulido (2013-09-29):
- Initial release

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