cmdpack - Miscelaneous file utilities

License: GPLv3
bin2iso - Converts CD-ROM .BIN images (including full 2352-byte sectors) into
          .ISO format (2048-byte sectors). Automatically detects mode 1 or 2.
          Will warn if there are any form 2 sectors, which are not convertible.

bincomp - Similar to the old DOS "FC /B" command. The default output is a side-
          by-side table showing 16 bytes per line. The "-l" flag will show one
          byte per line.

brrrip - Automatically detects and rips sound samples from SNES ROMs. Works
         great with uncompressed .SPC files too.

byteshuf - Divides a file into its interleaved even/odd bytes, or recombines
           them. Can also divide every 3rd, 4th, etc. byte, depending on how
           many subfiles you specify. Useful for dealing with certain types
           of ROM images.

byteswap - Swaps the byte order of each record in a file, in place. If the
           record size is 2, this means every even and odd byte is swapped,
           but the record size can also be larger than 2. Useful for dealing
           with certain types of ROM images.

cdpatch - Inserts or extracts files in-place into CD-ROM images in either .BIN
          or .ISO format. Properly handles CD-XA streams from Mode 2 CDs (Video
          CDs, PlayStation movie files, etc.) and patches ECC/EDC data as

ecm - ECM is a compression format for CD images which removes ECC/EDC data where
      it's possible to do so losslessly. Compressing a CD image with ECM first,
      then compressing the ECM file with a general-purpose compressor such as 7z
      or RAR, can result in better compression than 7z or RAR alone. See the ECM
      page for more details.

fakecrc - Modifies a file to force it to have a particular CRC32 checksum, by
          patching 4 consecutive bytes anywhere in the file. Can also obtain the
          CRC32 checksum of a file.

hax65816 - A simple 65c816 disassembler with basic flag following. This is the
           disassembler I used for the Seiken Densetsu 3 project, among others.

id3point - A basic ID3v1 tagger for MP3 files. Probably superseded by newer tools,
           but included here nonetheless.

rels - Searches for a string in a group of files by comparing the relative
       difference between each letter. This allows finding strings in non-ASCII
       character sets. Also attempts double values (e.g. 00=A, 02=B, 04=C) and
       wide values (every other byte, as in UCS-2). A staple ROM hacking tool.

screamf - Converts AMF music files to S3M. AMF was a format used exclusively by
          Otto Chrons' DOS Sound and Music Interface (DSMI) library and Dual
          Module Player. Various DOS games and demos in the 1990s used this format.
          AMF files were the result of running MOD2AMF on an existing S3M or other
          module; screamf does the opposite. It's round-trippable for the most part.

subfile - Extracts a portion of a file, given a starting offset and length, in
          bytes. Offset and length may be specified in C style "0x123" or "0123"
          notation for hexadecimal or octal.

uips - UIPS is a command-line utility for creating and applying IPS patches.
       IPS is an old patch format for binary files, limited to 16 MiB in size,
       and not to be confused with the newer UPS format. Multiple source files
       and IPS v2 truncation are supported.

usfv - USFV is a utility for creating and verifying SFV (Simple File Verification)
       files, such as those created by Win-SFV32. A SFV file contains a list of
       filenames and their corresponding CRC32 checksums.

vb2rip - Rips music in .VB2 and various similar formats found in PlayStation and
         PlayStation 2 games. See the VB2rip page for more details.

wordadd - Finds solutions to letter/digit substitution puzzles of the
          "WORD + WORD = OTHER" variety. Supports multiple addends and digits mixed
          in with letters.

zerofill - Creates a file filled with bytes of value zero. Similar to
           "dd if=/dev/zero", except not all platforms have dd, and there's a
           progress indicator.


cmdpack-1.02-1.el7.gapf.x86_64 [89 KiB] Changelog by German Pulido (2012-01-15):
- Initial release

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