quake2 - Yamagi's Quake 2 port

License: GPL
This is a enhanced client for id Software's legendary Quake II. It focuses on single player game and cooperative game, not on classic multiplayer. If you're interested in deatmatch or capture the flag, try another client like R1Q2 or AprQ2. This client is based upon Icculus Quake II, but has a vast amount of improvements. Hundreds of type errors were fixed, a lot of bugs in gameplay, some not working features were repaired and some map quirks added. Yamagi Quake II runs not only crash free - it's possible to play Quake II and both addons without even one failure - it's also possible to play without any limitations under AMD64 platforms. Icculus Quake II and id Software's client have some ugly bugs when running on other platforms than i386, like clipping problems or broken elevators. The main client and games are released under the terms of the GPL version 2, both addons are released under the terms of the Quake II SDK License.


quake2-6.00-1.fc26.gapf.x86_64 [786 KiB] Changelog by German Pulido (2017-01-28):
- Updated to version 6.00

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